Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 26

Looking for a Way to Inspire Life Long Learners?

Of all the new words I introduce and discuss with my students over the course of a school year, the word schema proves to be one of the most powerful and life-changing for my students.  As mentioned in previous posts, schema is everything we have inside our heads.  To further explain… it is all of …

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Oct 17

Failure: The Key to Student Success

“I can’t!”  As of yesterday, this little phrase joined a list of words and/or phrases that are off-limits in our household.  It joined the ranks of “I’m bored” and a few other taboo utterances that I cannot appropriately mention here.   Here is how the story goes… “I can’t!”  my three year old whined as …

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Oct 06

The One Most Powerful Tool to Increase Student Writing Stamina and Enjoyment

    The fourth graders in my classroom participate in a classroom economy.  Students have checkbooks and receive a weekly salary for different classroom jobs.  While this, in itself, might be an interesting blog post it isn’t my chosen topic today.  I bring it up because last week, as the class discussed possible ways to …

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