Monthly Archive: November 2015

Nov 26

6 Tips for a Successful Field Trip

There is little that is more exciting to school children than a field trip!  They can’t wait for a change of pace outside the classroom walls.  However, the same can’t always be said for their teachers!  Noisy buses and what seems like a never ending number of unforeseen management crises have, in the past, left …

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Nov 09

Scared of the NGSS? Build Your Students’ Schema Before You Jump In

It is time for a moment of honesty.  The Next Generation Science Standards scare me!  That is not to say that I don’t think the standards are innovative and very necessary.  They are.  Brett Moulding, NGSS Writing Team Leader, states that “The NGSS shift expectations of students from memorization to understanding, and from recitation to …

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