Welcome to our blog! We are Shauna & Fritzi. We have worked together Shauna’s entire life! Years 14-16 were, by far, the most rewarding and fun (NOT)!  That’s right!  We are a mother and daughter who decided to pool our time and talents (Fritzi has the most time, Shauna has the most talent) to collaborate on some projects that allow us to share our passion for all things educational! We are hoping you are able to find some tips to make life a little easier in the classroom and the home.  Thank you for joining us on our journey!


10 Things About Shauna

  • I will be starting a new teaching position in Bigfork, MT this fall in a third-fourth grade combination classroom.  I am excited about this new opportunity!IMG_7340
  • I am married to Joe who is also a teacher and LOVES to hunt and fish.
  • We have 3 beautiful girls between the ages of 3 and 7 (Jolee, Shae, and Haslyn).  Yes, I am BUSY!  
  • I taught my first year in Nishnomiya, Japan.
  • I LOVE the outdoors and to be out in it!  Running is a passion!
  • I love everything about learning- I could very happily be a professional student!
  • I am 34 (almost 35)- how did that happen?!  I have been sworn to secrecy about my mom’s age, but I can tell you that she was 26 when I was born!  😉
  • I attempt to follow the Paleo style of eating, although 3 peanut butter sandwich loving children, a husband that likes to hoard Ritz Crackers, and a closet chocolate chip addiction (Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate) make this goal a daily challenge.  Luckily, I have found new ways to make family favorite comfort foods that my children really seem to like and that my husband does a very bad job of pretending to.
  • My favorite times at home are the few (and rare) quiet minutes before bed when I get to cuddle up with my girls and read them their bedtime story.  My favorite time in the classroom is, you guessed it, cozying up with my students on our classroom rug and reading a story.
  • I love collaborating with my mom on projects.  Examples are this blog, Pinterest Page, and our newly formed TPT store.  Facebook is next!


10 Things About Fritzi 

  • I am retired from public school teaching after 35 great years!  I taught in WashingtonFritzi 4 state, but have retired to the Phoenix area.  Bring on the sun!
  • My husband, Mark, and I have known each other since we were 15 years old.
  • We have 2 wonderful (of course!) kids in their 30’s.
  • Shauna and Joe’s 3 amazing daughters are our amazing granddaughters!
  • I (usually) follow the Paleo style of eating.  
  • I have been skydiving!  My husband has a difficult time understanding why I would jump out of a perfectly good airplane!  Ziplining is my next planned adventure!
  • I have WALKED a marathon and several half-marathons.
  • Hot chocolate (made with almond milk) is my favorite comfort food!  
  • During my career, I taught all grade levels between and including kindergarten and eighth grade.  I loved them all EXCEPT eighth grade.  I am a nurturer and they don’t like to be nurtured!  🙂
  • I feel very lucky to be able to work with Shauna this way!