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Combinations of 10

Combinations of 10

Why Learn the Combinations of 10

Students who are able to commit the number combinations that add up to 10 (0 + 10, 1 + 9, 2 + 8, etc.) to memory will be more adept at performing mental calculations in the future. Instant recall of these number combinations is fundamental to not only learning the basic math facts, but also to assist with multi-digit addition and subtraction later on.  

My daughter and I recently played a card game in which knowing these combinations of 10 gave each player a decided advantage.  JKid (alias) is 6 years old and it quickly became apparent that she was not yet a “combinations of 10” expert.  What to do?


One Solution

I quickly set Grandma Fritzi to work making a simple Combinations of 10 Printable Combinations of 10and had JKid make a necklace with 10 beads. The necklace quickly became known as her “counting necklace.” The fact that she made the necklace was a big part of the success of the activity.  JKid was very motivated to use the necklace in a purposeful way. We then decided to make a video to showcase her interaction with the necklace and how she used the worksheet.  




I was thrilled with the outcome.  By the time she completed the worksheet with the use of the necklace she was rattling off combinations of 10 like it was no big deal! So simple, yet so effective!  


Our First Attempt at Making a Video

Here is the link to the video:  Combinations of 10


FYI: A couple of people have suggested to us that maybe we should try our hand at videos as an addition to our blog.  Such a venture is a little out of our comfort zone, but we are usually up for a challenge!  We realize that our video skills are not quite perfection… YET!  The video we are presenting to you was after 5 takes and our wonderful little actress was getting tired! There was a 6 am flight in her future the next day so it was now or much later! Not only is the video our first attempt, but hers as well.  You will notice that little sister got involved at one point- much to JKid’s distress!  For those of you who have siblings you will understand completely!  Enjoy and stay tuned for future attempts at this video thing.  We appreciate your patience!  


Clip Art  and Font Credit

Hello Literacy

Ashley Hughes


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  1. Sherri Fitzgerald

    JKid, you did a great job explaining the combinations of 10 in your video.
    I hope you make more videos in the future.
    Great job to mom and Grandma Fritzi too!

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