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Jan 26

Visualization: 3 Things You Need to Know

As a fairly new teacher, I will never forget the look on a certain student’s face when I suggested that a movie plays in my mind every time I read a book.  This student, a member of my high school Title One Reading Class, was a bubbly, lovable girl who often had plenty to say, …

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Nov 09

Scared of the NGSS? Build Your Students’ Schema Before You Jump In

It is time for a moment of honesty.  The Next Generation Science Standards scare me!  That is not to say that I don’t think the standards are innovative and very necessary.  They are.  Brett Moulding, NGSS Writing Team Leader, states that “The NGSS shift expectations of students from memorization to understanding, and from recitation to …

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Oct 26

Looking for a Way to Inspire Life Long Learners?

Of all the new words I introduce and discuss with my students over the course of a school year, the word schema proves to be one of the most powerful and life-changing for my students.  As mentioned in previous posts, schema is everything we have inside our heads.  To further explain… it is all of …

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Sep 28

The One Thing I Wish Someone had Taught Me in Fourth Grade

  An interesting thought slowly crept into my mind mid mini-lesson last Tuesday. “Goodness,” I thought to myself.  “I sure wish somebody had taught me this in fourth grade… or fifth grade… or sixth grade… or ever, for that matter!”  I was sharing with my students the seemingly blaringly obvious idea that reading is thinking. …

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Sep 22

Schema: Why It Matters- Using Schema to Deepen Understanding

It was my favorite time of the school day.  I had called my students to join me on the classroom meeting rug and we were about to embark on our first reading mini lesson of the school year!  While I was looking forward to this cozy time with my students, it was obvious, after three inquiries …

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