Morning Bootcamp: Getting Back to the School Morning Routine

Morning Bootcamp

After a summer of long, luxurious mornings there are few things as discommodius as the stressful, time-crunched, bleary-eyed mornings that accompany the start of the school year. Fear not! This year I have a plan.


  1. A week before school starts sit down with your kids and write down a routine that works for your morning.  Together my kids and I listed all of the “doings” that need to be taken care of each morning. We thought about how long each task takes and set a time we want to be heading out the door.  Then we worked backwards. This allowed us to know what time each child needed to get up.
  2. Using the key events that were discussed, I typed up a schedule with corresponding times. This way each child can check the clock and see if they are on schedule.  Jolee's Morning Routine3
  3. A week before school starts run a test drive of your morning routine. I bought special alarms for my older children. I also told my kiddos that we would treat ourselves to hot chocolate at a local restaurant if we could manage to get out the door at the agreed upon time.  It’s amazing how motivating sugar can be!  Our test drive was completely successful!  
  4. While enjoying the treat have your kids draw pictures of the different tasks on their morning schedule.Morning Routine Training 1
  5. Place their schedule somewhere they can access easily and practice it a few more times before school actually begins.  We placed ours in the nightstand drawer and my kids will pull it out every night when we set the alarm so it is ready for them to reference the next morning.  


True, getting up at 6 am after weeks of 8 o’clock mornings is still about as disagreeable as going to the dentist or doing a set of burpees, but after a little pre-event conditioning hopefully you will find your morning a little bit less DISCOMMODIUS!

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