Paleo-friendly, Kid-approved, Work-morning Breakfast… Is that even possible? YES!

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We attempt to eat Paleo at my house.  Let me rephrase that… I attempt to eat Paleo and everyone else is forced into submission because I’m the cook. However, I have to admit that even though I am the cook my success rate is not exactly 100 percent! My husband has been known to completely boycott entire meals (the eggplant lasagna didn’t go over well). My children, as many children do, turn up their noses at all sorts of things that I think are pretty fabulous.

However, I would venture to say that breakfast on a work morning is the biggest challenge of all when it comes to eating Paleo!  In order for such a meal to be successful at my house it must be kid-approved, convenient, quick and still include no grains or dairy.  It has taken me a couple of years, but I have finally come to a happy place in this realm of my culinary endeavors. Never mind that my husband still has his “hidden” box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch stashed behind the serving platter on the highest shelf.  Somethings you just have to let go!  So… today, I offer to you a list of Paleo breakfast ideas (the culmination of years of Pinterest scouring) that can be prepared quickly, with minimal clean up AND will have your kids wishing that they didn’t have to rush upstairs to brush their teeth because they REALLY, REALLY want seconds!

Blog Waffle PictureGRAB and GO Paleo WAffles:  This is my ultimate Paleo breakfast of choice. The waffles are fairly convenient to make the first time around, but the true beauty is their ability to be saved in the fridge and popped in the toaster when needed.  I usually make them up fresh on Sunday mornings and then store them in the fridge to be toasted later in the week. EASY!  

COOKIES! … For Breakfast?!:  These no processed sugar (aside from the optional chocolate chips), grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free wonders can be made when stress levels are low.  They can be saved in the cupboard or frozen to suddenly appear when the morning craziness has returned. I use these on mornings when the best I can do is offer my children an enroute meal.  They think they are getting a treat and I feel good that they got a low-sugar, healthy-fat, high-protein Paleo breakfast.  



Check out the recipes below and the links from which my stress-free morning inspirations first began.  

Stress Free Paleo Morning

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While the waffles and ,secondly, the breakfast cookies are my general go to choices for stressful mornings, it must be additionally noted that I have found two other recipes that also are fabulous make-ahead Paleo breakfast options.  

Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Mini Blender Muffins can be found at:

These are great for those mornings in which you are required to bring a breakfast dish to share with your child’s class or any group for that matter.  I say this because they very successfully compete with the token donuts and Costco muffins that almost always appear at these kinds of functions. They taste great and are the first to go in my daughter’s kindergarten class (even before the donuts!).  However, they are secretly a much healthier option and Paleo (if almond butter is used).  

An amazing Paleo Cornbread recipe can be found at:

This cornbread is great anytime and even non-Paleo people love it!  However, my daughters beg for it for breakfast too.  I often double the batch if I make it for dinner and then we can enjoy the leftovers for breakfast for a few days into the week!  Double duty!  

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